Tech-Free Vacations

Traditionally, most people take their vacation in August. So do we, and it is great, as no one remembers a colder and wetter August, not even the oldest of our workmates. Unfortunately, two trends show when people go on holidays these days: People are beginning to crave an oasis of non-connectivity, but at the same time are almost always connected. More and more white-collar workers check their email, answer their work phone, or even finish a presentation during their vacation. Which might be unhealthy, and is definitely everything but relaxing.

Daimler, the car manufacturing behemoth from Germany, recently introduced a nifty tool called “Mail on Holiday”, which lets its employees set emails to auto-delete during their holidays, effectively making it impossible for its workforce to work on that one report from the comfort of their Ibiza hotel room. However, there are a lot of other ways to disconnect: IT staffing service Modis created an infographic on how to take a tech-free vacation. Check it out and really kick back during your upcoming vacation!

Infographic: The pros of a Tech-free Vacation

Cover photo: Nick Kendrick/Flickr CC