Tesla’s Brand Experience Stores

Tesla, the much-hyped manufacturer of electric cars, is currently revamping its global network of 200 company-owned stores. The new brand experience stores are crucial in telling the Tesla story and having (potential) customers experience the brand.

In many ways, Tesla locations are much like the so-called experience stores once favored by Sony and other purveyors of consumer electronics; the idea is less to sell a product on the spot than to let shoppers spend time with the brand. At Tesla, there’s no hard sell. “Product specalists” greet and educate visitors. And while plenty of people walk through the stores, many customers ultimately configure and purchase the car online.

This resonates well with our own belief that you have to create an experience that is worth your customers’ time but tells your brand story in an engaging way.

Cover photo: Phillip Pessar/FlickrCC

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