The Adult Food Finder

click Kudos to Sam Bartos, a copywriter at MRY agency in New York. He had planned on spending the month subsisting only on food he finds at the agency and documenting the process in blog called Adult Food Finder. Even though he apparently thrived well on free bagels and leftover pasta salad, he gave up/was maybe forced to quit after just six days and has since deleted his blog.

click It wouldn’t be that easy to repeat that feat over here at Avantgarde’s Munich headquarters, as we’re not big fans of needless abundance. However, being located in the center of town, right above the production facilities of Rischart, Munich’s finest chain of bakeries, we are able to serve our employees fresh baked goods and pastries every morning. The cover photo shows some leftovers from earlier today. Sam Bartos, next time you’re in Munich, you’re welcome to help yourself!

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