The Art of Connecting Brands and Consumers

here watch In an interesting and quite visionary opinion piece in Ad Week, Keith Reinhard, chairman emeritus of DDB Worldwide, talks about the future of advertising.

enter site To him, the advertising industry has gone through several periods, and we’re on the cusp of the “ultimate revelation”, a combination of the humour and emotion developed in the creative revolution of the 1950s and 1960s, and the tools and data brought to us by the “digital disruption” of the past 20 years:

And what will be revealed in the ultimate revelation? Among other things it will become quite clear that there is a profound divide between creating a buzz and creating a brand. There’s an important difference between a one-off stunt and an enduring brand story. There’s a difference between an algorithm and an insight into human nature and between mere contact and true connection. Finally, there’s a wide gulf between big data and a big idea.

see url Hang on! He’s calling for consistency and long-term strategies, true connections and big ideas? This is exactly what we have been preaching all along. Or in other words: Reinhard’s analysis is spot on!

Cover photo: Simon Yeo/FlickrCC

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