The Future of Agencies

When we read the headline “6 Trends that Will Shape the Future of Agencies” we did not know that the article would contain such a fitting summary of the current trends in marketing.

In an article on, John Winsor, CEO of the agency Victors & Spoils, lines out six developments that will shape more than just agencies but the way brands will interact with consumers:

#1: Technology will continue to disintermediate. “Brands and agencies (or holding companies) must not work in silos. There must be open systems for sharing.”

#2: More competition from media companies. “Many social, content and media companies are realizing that they can increase their revenues by building creative studios that allow them to give away creativity to brands.”

#3: Brands will continue to cut out agencies. “Agencies will need to rethink what they are and become platforms of technology and services.”

#4: Co-opetition.“The future will be collaborative, mixing third party assets with owned solutions to create the most efficient and effective structures.”

#5: Ideas come from everywhere. “The key for agencies is to leverage existing user-generated content and consumer interactions with smart solutions.”

#6: People are the new media channels. “[T]he new paradigm will be to create shareable and scalable ideas and then let people themselves distribute them.”

Like Winsor, we at Avantgarde believe that change is the one constant we can count on in marketing, and an agency has to adapt to changes in technology, competition and society at large. It will be paramount for agencies to develop ideas that not just use new technologies put consumers and their own content in the center of the narrative.

Cover photo: Timitrius/FlickrCC