The Old Agency Model Doesn’t Work Anymore

Jean Lin, CEO of Isobar, a digital agency network, published a though-provoked column on titled “Liberating Creativity: The Old Agendy Model Doesn’t Work Anymore.” It is a swan song for traditional advertising, based on the fact that “technology has forever changed people’s relationship with brands.” It is definitely worth a read if you’re even remotely interested in the current changes in marketing culture.

Fancy some more insightful quotes from the article?

I felt that as young professionals, we spent … not enough time on whether the idea should be better, more effective, more engaging, or more compelling. We definitely did not spend any time debating if it … created any opportunity to expand the brand’s influence as a service or utility.

[T]echnology has forever changed people’s relationships with brands. It has changed how people connect with each other and how we connect with brands. It has also enabled brands to play different roles beyond their physical products and services.

In this new world … [w]e must embrace interactive and nonlinear messaging.

Agencies have to choreograph every step in the customer journey and curate brand assets while gently accepting the fact that your brand equity is co-created, in real time, with users who you cannot control.

Great ideas create immediate results, in real time. Great ideas reinforce brand narratives that inspire, connect and empower people.

Our business is focused on delivering brand experiences that make the customer an integral part. Consumers aren’t just co-creating brand equity, they are actively communicating key values and become true fans of the brand.

Cover photo: Michael Coghlan/FlickrCC