The Opportunity of Connected Cars

The current generation of cars is already connected in a sense that enables drivers to receive their emails, search the internet, get real-time traffic, weather and hotel information, and have diagnostic data being transferred to your garage. You can often also download specific apps – and maybe use them to have a unique test drive experience like we created with the Mercedes GLA Audiobook Adventure. However, there is a lot of potential for the future…

source url Inspired by this article on we find it important that drivers rediscover an emotional relationship to their car. In times of electronic sensors and aerodynamic chassis and the disappearance of hammers and hair-dryers as useful tools to fix an engine, we believe a lot of people lack a strong bond with their personal car. However, add connectivity and an app on your phone and you could monitor all the data that’s relevant to your car and that shows when something is wrong with it:

get link Being able to see what’s going on under the hood on your smartphone “allows a better relationship between consumer and vehicle,” says Pavan Mathew, o2’s head of connected cars. In fact, the company has created a small device you can plug into the OBD II port of your car and that connects to your phone. Now we believe this is just the beginning: Think what else you will be able to do with a connected car:

“Technologies such as antifatigue devices will reduce accidents, and soon, systems that monitor drivers’ vital functions will alert them to potential problems. And driver assistance and safety systems will let the car take over driving in traffic jams and on the highway, and drive much more safely than humans,” states strategy&’s report In the Fast Lane – The Bright Future of Connected Cars. “Connected cars—which may eventually evolve into driverless cars but for the foreseeable future will still have a human at the wheel—can communicate wirelessly with each other and with traffic-management systems, avoid pedestrians and other vehicles and find open parking spots,” the Economist recently predicted. We will work on more solutions to make use of these technologies to create a stronger bond between the drivers, their cars and the manufacturers.

Cover photo: ngConnect/FlickrCC

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