The Ultimate Sonos Experience

go site Sonos just opened its first concept store in London. Interestingly, the retail store is not about selling Sonos products, but to sell the ultimate experience. Omar Gurnah, global retail marketing director, puts the idea like this: We won’t measure the success of this space by how many speakers it sells. It’ll be the number of people that come in, get a great experience and think they should add a Sonos to their home.

The brand partnered with local designers to recreate a real domestic setting within the rooms. Moreover, the store features two ‘Listening Rooms’: Besides testing out the speakers and systems, customers are able to listen to their own music by streaming it to the integrated systems. Additionally, a series of sceenings, culltural talks and installations – like rarely seen David Bowie pictures – links the brand to an cultural relevant environment. Guests can discover new artists, musicians or just listen to their favourite songs. Sonos wants people to fell in love with music – and thus with Sonos.

source The story, the brand tells, is as emotional as it is simple: It’s all about a different way of listening to music. Music changes the way you live at home and thus changes your lifestyle.

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Sonos concept store London

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