To Be or not to Be a Sponsor

Who is an official world cup sponsor? Visa or MasterCard? source link Nike or Adidas?

We found this nifty graphic showing the effect of big brands’ marketing efforts on the perception of Americans, Brits and Brazilians regarding the brands’ involvement in the go to site FIFA World Cup 2014.


At the beginning of the world cup, GlobalWebIndex asked members of its real-time panels in the UK, US and Brazil to identify sponsors. Respondents were asked to pick official World Cup sponsors from a list of 38 brands, both official sponsors and their non-sponsor rivals.

The results show both: If you’re an official event sponsor, people are very likely to associate you with the tournament (unless you’re Moy Park or Yingli Solar). However, if you link your campaign to football, and if you’re creative and make heavy use of social media, you will climb the ranks in awareness and benefit heavily from the most important sports event in the world:

Brands which have been running heavily football-themed marketing campaigns – in spite of having no official link with the tournament – were picked as sponsors by significant minorities. Nike, for example, with its ads featuring Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar et al – was selected by nearly a third of people in the UK and US, as well as over 40% in Brazil. – GlobalWebIndex