Where the Most Innovative Cars Come from

see Where do the most innovative cars come from? This is a question regularly examined in a recent study by the  Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The latest CAM report suggests that it is the German car corporations who have introduced the most new technologies and features in their products, as reported by German marketing magazine  W&V.

CAM looked at 18 global corporations and its 53 car brands. Together they accounted for an impressive 1,010 different innovations in 2013. However, a whopping 41 of these were introduced by the German corporations follow site BMW, click here Daimler and Volkswagen. The Japanese companies accounted for 22 percent and a mere 15 percent were down to the engineering efforts of the US manufacturers.


Which makes us a little proud, as we are committed to our German roots and are happy to count all three German corporations to our list of clients. Day to day, we get to experience their innovative spirit. Sometimes, this even leads to amazing marketing ideas like our recent “Audio Book Adventure” campaign for Mercedes-Benz.

Which is not to say that non-German brands have been slacking it off. As an industry, coming up with over a thousand innovations for a product that’s more than a hundred years old is pretty impressive. We are happy to be involved in this industry, and will strive to deliver equally innovative marketing ideas for all of our automotive clients.

Photo credit: Infinite Ache/Flickr CC