Will CMOs Succeed CEOs as Business Leaders?

Once again, we found an interesting think-piece on Marketing Mag Australia’s website: In a recent talk, Milosh Milisavljevic, partner at McKinsey’s Melbourne office, claimed that over time, CMOs will succeed CEOs as the rightful leaders of organisations. The key is to regard everything subordinate to the overall goal of creating the best possible customer experience, an idea that resonates very well with our own marketing philosophy.

Here are a few more reasons why CMOs are becoming increasingly important:

1. “Marketing must integrate across the organisation to instil customer-centric strategy and deliver the best personalised customer experiences possible.”

2. “Instead of prioritising areas to focus on, marketers need to push for organisation-wide digitisation.”

3. “Leveraging bricks-and-mortar as a strategic asset is growing in importance, but think of multi-channel as two way, by making the in-store experience more digital.”

4. “Digital marketing spend requires different management.”

5. Become directly involved in executive decisions, connects the organisation, connect to the customer, and grow the marketing influence across the organisation.

Read the original post for more details on this interesting development.

Cover photo: dystopos/Flickr CC