An Index of German Values

A couple of weeks ago, Peter Wippermann from Avantgarde’s strategic think tank Trendbüro and Jens Krüger, director of the German market researchers TNS Infratest released the Werte-Index 2014 („Value Index“). This biannual study analyses German websites, online conmmunities and blogs regarding a change in social values of its users. A total of 1.7 million postings from 53.7 million useres were examined regarding the usage of the terms freedom, health, nature, honesty, family, community, justice, acceptance, security, simplicity, success, self-realisation, and transparency.

follow site Over the past two years, among many other changes in the German set of values, personal health has become the most important value for Germans. We’ve said before that an active, healthy life has long transcended younger age groups, as health is considered an act of personal freedom (which – not surprisingly – ranks as the second most important value). Success has returned as another key value – both in terms of financial success and personal goals. Nature is also something worth aspiring to – in the sense of a pristine, genuine, even spiritual environment.

On the other hand, Germans trust government and politicians less and less. Individual responsibility is the answer to this sense of uncertainty and insecurity. Peter Wippermann sums the new Werte-Index up as follows:

The current study shows that individuals have accustomed themselves to the framework of the online economy. They expect less from their government. Instead they declare quality of life, health and security their individual responsibility. Like-minded networks are their most imporant resource. Gradually, self-control is replacing controlling systems.

More information on the (German) Werte-Index website: