Are Bicycles the New Cars?

Will she buy a car soon?
Photo: Lincoln Clarkes /

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follow We came across an interesting post on the (German) Sturm und Drang website about Canadian photographer go Lincoln Clarkes‘ project to capture cyclists and their lifestyle in the greater Toronto area. Check out his blog Worldwide Green Eyes to get an idea what his work is all about. Sturm und Drang then list a few more ‘cycle sartorialists’ copenhagencyclechic and argue that bicycles might be more than a current fashion trend but slowly replacing cars as status symbols.

Or, as the press release on Clarkes’ new book Cyclists (download a free pdf here) states:

here Sexed-up, environmentalistic, fashionesque portraiture … a subtle protest against the petro-chemical and automobile industries.” An overdose of advertising has been glamorizing cars for decades, convincing us of their must-have status, but this attitude feels tiresome and outdated in the light of the environmental situation that engulfs our planet today.

see The car industry better pay attention: In order to reach a younger, urban audience, it requires an all-new way of thinking and acting. The current zeitgeist is clearly moving away from possessing your own car, in bigger cities anyhow. Talk to us to learn about strategies we’ve developed to tackle an increasingly volatile target group.

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