Avantgarde Inspirationals – Jan Häusler

We’re in awe of the team at Avantgarde. Every day our employees go out and create memorable live communication campaigns and still find the time to change the world in their spare time. While we believe everyone is unique, from now on we will be picking team members that are particularly inspiring. Our first choice is Jan Häusler from our Munich office.

Jan Häusler from Avantgarde's Munich office
Jan Häusler from Avantgarde’s Munich office

go site Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Jan Häusler, I’m 29 years old, I am a senior project manager, and have been working at Avantgarde since February 2011. follow url What is your passion? My passions right now are my hobbies music (DJ-ing, music production, piano) and cooking. What’s the biggest lesson this passion has taught you? I suppose that doing something you are really passionate about can release unexpected energy inside you. It is important to pursue your passion and also to set goals where you want to go with it – no matter if it is only about having fun, the release of an album, becoming the best in something or whatever – otherwise it is likely that you will loose this passion at some point. Don’t forget: You don’t need to be the best in order to love it, but everybody is good in something – find it, do it and believe in it!

List three locations – best to party, best to relax, best to get inspired! Best party: Katerholzig (Germany), Warung Beach Club Brasil (Worldwide) Best to relax: Somewhere diving 15 meters below the surface in clear, blue, warm waters. Best to get inspired: Haven´t found that place yet. It depends more on situations. What have you become a fan of recently? I discovered many things over the last few weeks. But to pick one: French DJ and producer Gesaffelstein! Actually, that is not too recent, since I’ve known him for almost two years now. However, if you ask me, his new album “Aleph” is a milestone in elecetronic music production.

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